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By Mariela Zapata

Student naiveté is nonexistent in these innovative and dynamic collections. These artist have come to the big show, not as aspiring fashion neophytes but as full fledge designers. The Art institute presentation is truly on par with any collection at the Mercedes Benz fashion week. Twelve designers from The Art Institutes showed their Fall collection on Tuesday in the Theatre at Lincoln Center, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. 


The evening started with an inspiring and heartfelt runway walk by Megan Silcott. Megan is an 18 year-old living with an incredibly rare neurological disorder that has caused her to be paralyzed below the neck. The Art Institute was able to make the young woman’s lifelong dream of walking the runway come true when she opened the show with the assistance of a walker.As the show unfolded, some of the more inspiring designers included:

Nina Perdomo. Nina served in the US Navy and it was this experience that expanded her perspective of the world. Her paradigm collection is designed for the women who is confident, strong and outspoken and knows exactly what she wants in life. It was also Nina that designed Megan Silcott outfit from her collection.

Jesus Romero. Jesus is from Tucson Arizona but grew up in a small town in Mexico. His passion lies in 3-deminsional design development, with ideas evolving as he drapes, cuts, and sews. When asked if he could design for only one person, living or dead, he stated with passion Marlene Deitrich!

Chutian Zhong.  Zhong’s collection called “Stroke of Calligraphy” reflects the traditional heritage and culture of his traditional homeland China. The overall style of the collection was simple and chic with intricate detailing inspired by Chinese lettering.


Those of us who feel there is a lack of new energy and fresh faces in fashion, can  sooth their anxieties as the Art Institute presented designers who will firmly and confidently take hold of this industry and become the new faces of fashion.