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Desigual captures our imagination with floral prints that inspire our adventures spirit!

Images courtesy of Desigual

By Mariela Zapata


The Fall Desigual collection will certainly be viewed as one of the highlights of NY Fashion Week. Only Desigual can take you to exotic places that not only fire our imagination, but also have the audacity to make one question their fashion comfort zone.


From photographs of Africa, a voyage to Northern Europe, to abstract paintings, and a Landscape full of flowers, the fall  collection inspires and excites our adventures sprit.  The geometric motifs in black and white, multi-colored cardigans with a Scandinavian feel and structured dresses dipped in watercolors. Along with floral skirts in printed tulle make up the line alongside cocoon coats in true Lacroix style, Desigual aggressively makes a bold original statement with no apologies to those who practice fashion mediocrity.


It is a vibrant, dynamic collection.  Runway shows like this, remind us why we have the passion to be fashion journalist. We look forward to what inspirations Desigual will bestow on us in the future!