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Ellassay: Philosophy of Elegance

By Stephan Dweck

Promotiopnal press photo  

courtesy companyagenda

Ellassay made its New York debut as part of the presentation of Fashion Shenzhen. Fashion Shenzhen has been at the forefront of Chinese fashion and clothing manufacturing for the last forty Years. The Ellassay collection was an extraordinary example of the new wave Chinese designers who are being introduced to an American audience.

Ellassay designs are stylish and elegant with a Beverly Hills sophistication. The collection is modern and has an exquisite couture shape. This collection is an excellent addition to the wardrobe of the urban, cosmopolitan woman.  Soft color assortments, imported fabrics, and a subdued grace, give this collection a powerful air of Camelot. These designs are perfect for the woman who needs an outfit for the boardroom or an evening dinner.

As a new entry into the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, Ellassay made a wonderful and impressive fashion statement.  If Ellassay is an example of the modern Chinese designer, women from the east and west, can look forward to wearing wonderful outfits for many years to come.