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The Modu 2014 Fall/Winter collection: Elegance through contrast and balance
By Stephan Dweck
Photo images courtesy of 
Launch NY Fashion Week Udor Photography

The 2014 Modu collection is seductive in its simplicity with color palettes that satisfy with contrast and balance. Harmony through textures, shapes and material gives this collection a soul that is lacking among many fashion designers.

Shichao Du's and Yuteng Mo’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is the antithesis of a haughty, boisterous collection. The designs are quietly reflective and functional while inviting the wearer to be adventurous. Schchao Du and Yoteng Mo create clothing that allows the wearer to look inward, and find the harmony and balance we all try to find every day.

The bio on these two designers states that this is their first time working together. We hope that this is the first of many collaborations for this dynamic duo.