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The Latin fashion world is a lively and bustling atmosphere. As the Latin fashion scene continues to grow in visibility and become bigger, its designers have begun to take center stage in the fashion world. The rising stars of the Latin fashion scene today are almost certain to become the staples of the fashion stage tomorrow.

Angel Sanchez

Designer, Angel Sanchez started his career back in Venezuela. Today, Sanchez has designed evening wear for such personalities as Salma Hayek and model, Giselle Bundchen and has a popular bridal line. Sanchez has also served as part of the judging panel for the Latin American edition of Project Runaway, a popular show that puts up and coming designers in competition against each other. In late 2012, he showed his creations off at the renowned Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, showing his flair for bold yet feminine designs.

Adriana Castro

Based out of Florida, Adriana Castro is a Columbian designer and a rising star in the world of accessories. Heavily influenced by her father`s farm of crocodiles, Castro works primarily with crocodile patterns in her accessories, which include an award-winning line of handbags. Her crocodile themed accessories have now been toted by many celebrities, including Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. Castro has also incorporated prints from other exotic animals, such as ostriches and pythons and some of her handbags were used in the film, "Sex in the City 2."

Juilan Chang

Julian Chang hails from Peru but moved to the United States at the age of 17 and attended the Miami International University of Art & Design. He is known for his bright and bold accessories and uses many styles the Miami fashion scene is known for, such as animal print. He started his Contemporary Women`s Collection in 2008 and has since been named "Prrt-a-Porter Designer of the Year" during Miami`s International Fashion Week.

Chang`s latest collection was a resort line with Jersey-style material and a holiday line. He does have a ready-to-wear collection in addition to his line of evening wear. He has also opened Miami International Fashion Week.

Catalina lvarez and Mariana Hinestroza

Catalina lvarez and Mariana Hinestroza are the founders and designers of the Columbia swimwear line, Agua Bendita. The two designers started the line back in 2003, while they were both attending college at the Colegiatura Colombiana University Institution, but the label has really taken off over the last year. The swim pieces are handmade and inspired by traditional handicrafts made in Columbia.

The Agua Bendita pieces are known for their vivid colors and prints, designed for the younger crowd. In 2012, the swimwear edition of Sports Illustrated featured an article and swimwear from the Agua Bendita line.

Agua Bendita has launched six collections, all centered on the idea that all women are blessed, beautiful and eye-catching. Both national and international models, such as Ana Soffa Henao from Columbia and Candice Swanepoel from South Africa, have represented the line.

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Denim Report 2013

A revolution is brewing on the denim front, with print and wash innovations creeping in to change the face of jeanswear in the coming season. Stark graphics and prints are on the horizon, while skinny jeans and leggings are cast aside by all but the most loyal fans. Less dedicated fashionistas are still clinging to their skinnies, so devotees needn`t concern themselves with a lack of availability in ready to wear collections. Nevertheless, those donning bootlegs and looser fits will be the ones standing on the top rung of the trend ladder, especially if their jeans are indigo. Hue is giving denims a more kaleidoscopic palette and the tones that count are vibrant and synthetic. Indigo, orange and emerald green are all on the cards for 2013.

True denim connoisseurs spend their spare hours rifling through vintage stores in search of those traditional weaves that made the seventies such an inspired era for jeans. Today`s ecological concerns are at last bringing those rustic fabrications back. Recycled denim gives fashion followers instant trend relevance, with rustic, irregular weaves coming a close second. Both light and heavyweight denim are receiving more casual shuttle-loomed fabrications reminiscent of the disco era.

Skinny jeans did not win popularity among the curvaceous. Slim ankles highlighted even the narrowest hips, leaving all but size zero figures out in the cold, unflattering daylight without a flair to compliment their curves. Shapely women can breathe a relieved sigh, because silhouettes have been transformed. The A-line look established by high waisted, wide bottomed jeans has returned, hand in hand with the seventies` Dunaway flair.

Men`s jeanswear is taking on a utilitarian role. Hardwearing, sturdily crafted jeans in cowboy and maritime styles are hip. The Wild West will return in 2013 in all its fringed, embroidered splendor. High-risk double denim outfits have hit the trend lists, so bolder males are free to match their shirts and trousers creatively if they have the audacity. The combination of silhouettes, tones and cuts will make or break the look. Those lacking a taste for the cattle rancher look will be stealing inspiration from seafaring folk. The uniformed naval aesthetic creates a neat but sensual look in unwashed indigo. Denim bomber jackets with white or tan embellishments transform the theme into something altogether more casual.

Snug winter looks for the forthcoming chill pair knits with muted denim dyes. Black washes and subdued versions of summer`s oranges, reds and maroons will be worn with luscious textures. Extreme sports have had their impact on the denim world, too. In response, men will be wearing their worn-in jeans in slim cuts together with destroyed khaki cottons. Paint flecks, button flies and turn ups all form part of a subtly asymmetrical look. Men and women are donning their denim shredded, distressed and ripped. Jackets, jeans and shirts will all enjoy a chaotic season. This gives you the opportunity to take to those old favorites with a pair of scissors and a dash of creativity. Holes on the runway were ripped out in all the sexiest places.

The preppy aesthetic has made its own comeback, with collared shirts and ties being combined with skinny or bootleg denims. The look is always contradictory, creating an unlikely union between college schoolmaster and casual explorer. Hooded parkas are layered over ties and waistcoats. Rock and roll will also enjoy a day in the sun in 2013, so black skinny jeans will be donned as part of an indie look that is unafraid of metallic and chain flourishes.

2013 is looking shinier than ever, giving denim fabrics a glittering sheen. This is only a portion of the overall focus on denim finishes. Refined matt blends, course weaves and metallic fabrications all play their part in the textural rebellion jeans will experience in the coming months. <a href="">Hurley Clothes</a> will lead the insurrection with a collection that is inspired by fresh ideas.